Using Hands to Calm the Mind…Making Anti-Anxiety Lemonade

Using Hands to Calm the Mind…

Anti-Anxiety Lemonade

1-2 Lemons

Fresh mint leaves

Filtered water

doTerra Lavender essential oil

McCormick’s natural plant-based food coloring


Squeeze 1-2 lemons into empty glass pitcher (2 quarts).  Fill half pitcher with cold filtered water.  Bring second quart of water to rolling boil and then shut off heat.  Add 1 drop of doTerra Lavender essential oil to the hot water (this is a certified-pure therapeutic grade oil that can be consumed internally!).  Add ½ tsp of berry natural food coloring and ¼ tsp of sky blue and stir until food coloring powder dissolves and purple color appears.  Pour purple lavender-infused tea into cold water pitcher and stir into a beautiful lavender color liquid.  Add slices of lemon and fresh mint leaves and chill in refrigerator or pour directly over ice…and Enjoy!!


What a great way to use your hands to calm your mind 😊

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