Hands For Life Therapy, LLC Terms & Conditions

Online Consulting / Chair Yoga / Hand Mudra Meditation

SKYPE Agreement

Confidentiality.  All information discussed here, including the very fact that you are consulting with me, is private and confidential.   Please be aware that I cannot guarantee privacy for sessions via Skype or Zoom similar electronic services; although they use technical safeguards, you are agreeing to some measure of risk by using these electronic services.

Payment of Fees.  Fees are due before the regression session.  Sessions are payable by credit or debit card on the handsforlifetherapy.com website. 

Cancellations.  If you are unable to make a scheduled appointment for any reason, no charge will be made if you give at least 24 hour notice of cancellation.  Otherwise you will be subject to full charges for a missed appointment.