How to Get Rid of Numbness & Tingling in Your Hands?


Have you ever wondered why you keep dropping things? Why can’t you feel your hands? Are you fumbling with simple tasks like tying shoes and typing on your keyboard? Maybe the problem is starting much higher than at your hands…

Numbness and tingling is the signal that something is wrong with how the nerves talk to the hands. If you think of your entire arm as a pathway from your neck to your fingertips, and the nerves as electrical cords that carry messages from your neck to your hands…it will be easier to imagine how many things can get in the way of the messages being sent back and forth.

Simple things like how you sit, stand, move around and even sleep can have a direct affect on the nerves along the arm. Nerves do not like to be stretched, squashed, or interrupted in any way. They are often the easiest tissue to injure…and the tissue least likely to forgive you for doing so

Doing things like sitting at a computer too long in the wrong position, working with your arms above your head repetitively, or sleeping with your arm in a compressed position can really get your nerves angry!

At Hands for Life Therapy, we as Occupational & Certified Hand/Upper Extremity Therapists are experts at helping you figure out just what is causing your nerves to get so angry. We are also able to teach you ways to decrease your pain and improve your ability to do the things you haven’t been able to do because of the pain, numbness, & tingling in your hands.

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