Are Essential Oils safe to eat??

The answer is YES…and you may have already done so without knowing it!

The key is knowing which ones they are AND how high is the quality of the brand.

For instance…
– Does it make the FDA-approved list?
– Is it tested by a 3rd party?
– Is there an expiration date on the bottle?

We often take it for granted that the prescription drugs we ingest are going to improve our health…yet they often make us sicker.

Why not try a natural gift from the Earth that is already designed to work with your body to improve your health?

doTerra means “gift of the Earth”, and these oils meet all three of the above criteria and more!

I use them in my personal life and in my practice for rehabilitative and preventive health needs of my clients.

Check out my essential oil shop on this website and for more info on doTerra, check out my link

Remember when making these decisions to improve your life…


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