Preventative Health Services

At Hands for Life Therapy, I understand how much pain in the elbow, wrist and hands can interfere with your life. It is our job to provide you with the highest quality of service and expertise to help you get beyond the pain and return you to doing what matters most in your life. Whether you suffer from joint pain, muscle aches, or tingling along the arm or hand, I am committed to providing you with what you need to fix your most valuable tools.

Online Consulting Sessions for Preventing Arm and Hand Pain

Looking for information on relieving pain in your upper body but don’t have time or want to schedule traditional therapy visits into your life?  At Hands For Life Therapy, I offer online consulting sessions in 30 or 60 minute sessions via Zoom (or phone if preferred). You can ask me any questions you may have regarding how to relieve symptoms in your arms and hands based on your specific lifestyle and activities.  When you schedule, you will receive a short questionnaire that will give me important information about your daily activities and provide me with the information I need and to suggest the right plan for you.

Call me to schedule your online session or you can book online right here on our website.

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Chair Yoga for Upper Body, Postural Balance and Endurance

Do you have tightness and pain in your neck and arms? Do you experience tingling in your hands that lasts all day or even keeps you up at night?  So many daily activities cause an imbalance in our upper back and chest muscles that can interrupt nerve function and blood-flow to the arms and hands.  This one-on-one session will allow you to strengthen and stretch your upper body muscles that get so tight, weak and fatigued when you perform any activity in a standing, sitting or even sleeping position for too long. Learn more about how to relieve your symptoms and improve your quality of life! Sessions are 60 minutes and can be performed online via Zoom.

Call me to schedule your online session or you can book online right here on our website.

Phone: 570-820-5900

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7-Week Series of Classes – Thursdays 7:00-7:30pm EST

Learn the art of hand mudra meditation along with a total body relaxation and essential oil experience!  Each 30-minute session will leave you feeling renewed and refreshed after a long day.  After you register using the link below, email Lisa at with your name and mailing address within 5 days of your first class so you will receive your DoTerra essential oil crystal roller and Zoom Link in plenty of time for use in class. 

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Essential Oil Sample Included!  |  Learn Breathing and Hand Positioning to Instantly Improve Neck/Shoulder Pain!
Total Body/Mind/ Spirit Sensory Integration Experience!  |  Learn Techniques You Can Practice On Your Own!

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